Building The 10 Year Athlete Seminar

Building The 10 Year Athlete Seminar

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Feb 10th 2018, 9am - we are done
@Strength Guild Topeka

Maximum Performance is not built in a day, a month or even a year. It is built piece by piece, bit by bit, year by year. The key to success is resilience. Building the 10 year Athlete combines the tried and true methods of over 25 years of treatment and coaching and evidence-based approach to injury prevention and improving performance.

Jon uses his medical background and experience as a strength athlete to present an evidence-based approach to injury prevention and improving performance, through joint independence and interdependence. Phil uses his years training and coaching athletes in all sports with a long term mindset, you cant be strong if you are injured. Instead of just teaching exercises, this course helps professionals, trainers and athletes identify common compensatory strategies created by postural and loaded movement faults, and then create long term strategies for addressing pain and improving performance. Also a programming  foundation will be laid down, instilling a athlete mindset vs. an exerciser mindset.

Course objectives:

Jon - ⁃ Identify neurological stabilization strategies in response to loads. ⁃ Identify and assess common movement and stabilization faults, using Joint-by-Joint concepts and Crossed Syndrome postural strategies. ⁃ Identify individual centrated joint positions. ⁃ Teach foundational movement patterns(joint interdependence) built by individual joint centration(joint independence). ⁃ Understand and teach movement progression stages.

Phil- To explain and instill a athletic or entrepreneurial (positive) mindset to training vs the usual exercisers, no pain no gain (negative) mindset. Explain, and lay out the fundamentals to his training philosophy (mindsets, movement, weakpoints, ques, the importance of strength, periodization/autoregulation and their shortcomings, and more) in a real world practical way. Understanding fundamentals, and individuals, along with proper movement, that Jon will address, are the beginning keys to creating a Long Term Athlete.


No elite athlete was built easy in a year or two. All have a decade or more of training and experience behind them. If you cant last a decade, learn the movements and proper training to get you through that. You will never reach your best.