Strength is Never a Weakness

Lets get a few things straight.

"Strength is Never a Weakness." -Mark Bell

There is NO SUCH THING as being to strong for a sport or activity, any sport or activity. To heavy, not mobile enough, etc sure. BUT NOT to strong. An excess of strength is never a weakness and is always a benefit.

A surplus of strength has the possibility to trump superior technique. Especially at the intermediate level, yet its often overlooked. IE highschool wrestler. "coach I keep putting moves on him but he is just to strong." IE football "coach I am putting the perfect block on him but hes just to strong and powers through me." IE weightlifting.. "that clean and jerk was NOT pretty but she muscled through it because she's strong."

Strength sports, one on one combative sports, and even contact team sports. There is no award for the most technical. It's who can get the job done under the confines of the set rule parameters. I could argue even something where technical points do matter, ie gymnastics. Strength in excess is a bonus. You are easier able to hit technical moves with a surplus of the strength required to do them. Excess strength is a huge bonus.

Weightlifting maybe the perfect example to show this in action. Take a technically so called "perfect" lifter. Have them hit a 100% of maximal ability lift. Wow that looks great. Now add 2 kg.............their perfect form breaks down, NOT DUE TO A TECHNICAL FAULT. Due to a strength deficiency.

There is a reason there are weight classes in most one on one sports. The bigger and STRONGER athlete generally has an unbeatable advantage over the smaller and weaker athlete, despite technique.

A strength surplus along with technical mastery = unicorn.