Every Peak Has Two Valleys

No matter how much we think we can, the straight out fact is, WE CANT BE ON TOP ALL YEAR LONG!

I don’t care what the fitness rags and the popular media portrays. It is all lies. If your’e training hard, and trying to get to the extremes in your chosen sport, or profession, you cannot be in top peaking form all year long. The majority of your time is spent on one, or the other side of the mountain. Ramping up, or down to just have brief moments at the top. You have to learn to enjoy the process the ride.

But Phil Strength Guild's moto is Eat Big, Lift Heavy, Fuck Hard! Yes that’s our goal, our peak, and what we live by much of the year to achieve. With valleys thrown in where we Nibble, get a pump, and make love. Which allow us to EBLHFH more often.  

This can be seen in any athletic endeavor.

Athletes train months on end to peak for a single day, or single event. Slowly ramping things up. Slowly taking themselves higher, further, and faster. Consistently adding steps, further and further stress for their bodies to adapt to in order to take a swing at the fences on one day, or one season, prior to once again resting.

The same goes for a nutrition protocol that has you reaching for extremes. The body can only take so much before it has to begin to break. You can only sport that ripped veiny six pack so long before you MUST, take a break. The body will limit you. You will start to lose things. Muscle mass will go, general health, cognitive function, state of well-being. Just like being Obese, obscenely over fat, being extremely lean will take its toll.

Extreme leanness IS NOT a state of fitness, or a marker of health. Your body does not want to, and cant sustain naturally for extended periods of time at ultra low body fat. Again, I don’t care what the media shows, or some supplement companies and fitness rags portray. The most health, and the most progress is done on one or another side of the slope away from that peaking point that is short lived.

There is a time for pushing the limits HARD, and a time to stop, step back, reload, and then reach for new heights.

While in our mind there may be but one ultimate pinnacle we strive to reach. In reality the road up to that final peak, is paved with many small hills and valleys. Numerous small peaks and valets where we push, then step back recover and go again.

We have seen it time and time again. A person that comes out of the gates swinging, a new rising star. Kicking ass, and taking names. Everyone talking how great they are going to be. Then POOF, they are gone. Burnt out, ran out, injured and done.

You have to have an off season if you push life, work, training or diet to reach extremes. Every peak has a valley, every major peak has multiple summits and base camps to the end goal. No one starts at the bottom of Everest and just shoots for the summit. You have pit stops along the way. You Push, stop, recover, adjust, then push again. Sometimes even taking two steps back, to take 5 forward.


Learn to enjoy the ride. It’s a lengthy endeavor to hit a lofty goal. PUSH, rest, repeat. Over time your new valleys will be old peaks. It may take 2,5 ,10 runs at the ultimate summit. But the goal is to make it there in one piece. Not end up like old Green boots, dead on the side of the hill never having made it.