Always Winning Makes You A Failure

Most people fail at being anything more than average in life because they suck at setting goals. They set themselves up to always win, never fail, when it comes to goal setting.

If failure is our best teacher, then one should conclude that we are best served at getting better, by setting ourselves up to fail, and therefore learn. Meaning, set a lofty fucking goal. One that there is a high percentage you will fail, and possibly never reach. Through that lofty goal, and the passionate attempt at reaching it, you will push yourself close to that goal, though you never may meet it. You will be further along than you ever would by setting shit goals that set you up to always win. 

Example: Lets say you want to be a successful business person. Set a long term goal of becoming a billionaire. Fuck being a millionaire, they are a dime a dozen. 1 BILLION $. Then strive for that with all you have. The chances are you will fail, A LOT. Guess what? you will learn a shit load, and if you truly strive for that goal with everything you have, I bet you'll be a millionaire, and that aint to bad. You will blow past what, most everyone else does and get near that goal if you dont make it.

We live in a day where literally people say you can be whatever you want. Like if I want to be a hairless cat, and I identify as such, you guys are supposed to accept that, and that's now what I am. FUCK YOU! That's the problem. Society today telling you, you are a winner without even having to push for it. You are what you want to be, just because you think you are. Again FUCK YOU. You want me to accept you as a hairless cat. You better shave every bit or hair off your fucking body and go all in with surgical procedures and show me your a fucking hairless cat,. I don't give a fuck what you think you are, you are what you are. Strive and push for that shit. You're going to fail as a human will never be a hairless, god damn cat, no matter how hard you try, but you will get a lot closer to making that reality by actually striving for it, than by just fucking saying you are and thinking you are.

Sack the fuck up. Set goals in life that scare the fuck out of you, and push as hard as you can for them. Shoot to do some shit NO ONE has ever done before. The only reason it hasn't been done is no one had the drive to keep getting the fuck up when they fail, and push again.  Find joy in the process. the little wins along the way. Learn from all the times you fail. Adjust, put your fucking head down and act. Then rinse and repeat. Strive for greatness with everything you have. Learn to fight failure with every once of your being, but accept it as a something needed to better you for your further fight against mediocrity. If you do this, I guarantee you, you will far surpass today's acceptance of average as greatness.

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