strengthguild On July - 17 - 2015

Strength Guild Refinement and Recovery Camp, Featuring Shane Hamman

Saturday and Sunday Oct 24th and 25th, 2015



-1006lb squat @ 24 years old,

-9 American Senior National Championship

-Holds Every American Record in his weight class in weightlifting including his total of 430 kg and his clean and jerk of 237.5 kg (523.59lbs)

-2 time Olympian

-Single-handedly secured three spots for athletes from the U.S. in the 2004 Summer Olympics

-Despite being 350 lbs can hit a golf ball 350 yards (320 m), do a standing back flip, and leap vertically three feet

What else really needs to be said about Shane Hamman. You will spend Saturday morning 8:30 – noon with Shane going over the olympic lifts, followed by a short Q&A


We will then break for Lunch and follow Shane up with Highland Games Athlete John Hereth. Considered by many to the the “PT for Athletes,” Jon has established himself as a premier rehab specialists for strength athletes across the region. Through his tireless studies of everything relating to injury prevention and performance, Jon has become a very decorated strongman and has recently taken up the Scottish Highland games, where he has become one of the nation’s fastest rising competitors.

Jon will be talking about how to decrease your risk of injury, while maximzing performance, using his medical background and experience gained “under the bar” to address common movement and motor pattern that exist in the world of athletics. Jon presents an innovative and unique look that bridges the rehab and performance worlds in an effort to keep athletes injury free and maximize their potential.


We will then break for Dinner where we will talk shop before heading in for the night.

Sunday- 9am – 1pm Phil Stevens and Jerell Barber will work with you all on what you desire to work on. Powerlifting, Oly lifting, Exercise Racing. We will go through the gamut, lead us and we will instruct and pass on knowledge.


1 PM we will stop and do any last questions and answers and let people be on their way to catch flight or long drives.

FRIDAY BONUS-For those who can make it Shane, Myself and others will be going out to a steak dinner and talking shop before the long weekend of learning



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