strengthguild On July - 10 - 2015

So we never officially had a GRAND opening at our new facility we moved into last winter. We have a ton of people who still don’t even know the others exist, 5:30 am people who don’t know the 6:30 PM people, Not to mention the extended Strength Guild family that includes friends, and clients as far away as Russia, Australia, the Great White North, and coast to coast in the continental USA.

I decided it was high time we did something.

So I am here to announce the first Annual Strength Guild Meet and Meat

Date: Saturday: August 29th

Time: 11AM until were done

Who: everyone is invited to come check out what the Strength Guild family is all about, The Powerlifting meet will be invite only (free of charge). I have lifters coming from Numerous States, both clients doing their first meets to seasoned vets using it as a test day for bigger things to come.

What: Meat and Meet say it all. We will all hang out and shoot the shit. It will begin with a partner exercise racing workout followed by the intive only powerlifting meet. We will all hang out, eat copious amounts and pick up heavy things.

Bring your own beverages and anything but meat, unless you want more meat.

Come hang out and help us celebrate the kick assedness of having a love for all that is Strength.

You’ll likely be able to watch me go for some kind of amazing Post full hip replacement PR as well something mind blowing like 185


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