• Greeve Family Event and Shirt


    Strength Guild is throwing an event to support the Greeve family September 10th. Yesterday, August 18th they lost Devin and Gaby in an accident. We are going to throw an event to support them, let them know we love them and let the kids know they will always be missed. There will be a weightlifting […]

  • Merica Blend Coffee


    At Strength Guild we teamed with Caffiend Coffee and made coffee bad ass. This shit tastes just like freedom, and then makes you want to kick ass. Merican as fuck. Bigger, Stronger, Faster. ORDER HERE I wanted a Coffee as bad as as we are. Something that would kick you in the mouth, and in […]



    We are reintroducing our most popular shirt, the EAT BIG LIFT HEAVY FUCK HARD shirt, with a small change. We have had many dear friend struck with cancer lately. The latest being Sarah Aronson. She was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer.   We are going to sell these shirt, and all of the profits […]

  • Strength Guild Your Mom Tri Blend Tee

    your mom

    The next in the line of Strength Guild Apparel. The “If (name your sport here) was easy….. It would be your mom” Preorder starts today     Choose your sport, the color of shirt, the size, if we are shipping or you are picking it up, as well as cut unisex or ladies cut.

  • New Strength Guild Apparel

    racerback mock

    At last we are offering the new line of hoods, tanks, and Tees, with the New Strength Guild Logo. (VIEW BOTTOM OF POST TO SEE MOCK UPS) These are preorder right now, If you want one you must order. If not no shirt. We are offering light weight hoods in men’s and women’s cut by […]

  • Get Jacked and Tan or Pumped and Pale Trial

    squatSPF 2012

    OK ladies and gents. Here it is what we talked about. We are going to be launching our new service that includes full diet advice, as well as training on your Journey to get Jacked. To lead this off I want to take on two lucky people (one man one woman) that will get our […]

  • Lifters Corner #63

    LCpodcast pic

    Were back with a catch up shoot the shit episode. WE talk weightlifting, exercise racing boxing, Ed Coan and more.

  • 2010 Lift For Hope Ebook free


    I was looking at this ebook that we used to raise money and awareness 5 years ago for strength athlete’s. I wanted to go ahead and pass it out there now for all to read. Here is a free copy please send it around and if it helps you please comment or maybe support come […]

  • Feminely Badass As Fuck Burnout Tee’s and...

    FBAF mock

    Who wants to be just feminine when you can be “Feminely Badass As Fuck” I am putting this out there for the Army of Bad Ass ladies that follow Strength Guild. A quote by Ronda Rousey that has to be one of the all time best quote for kick ass women ever. The shirts will […]

  • Strength Guild Refinement and Recovery Camp,...


    Strength Guild Refinement and Recovery Camp, Featuring Shane Hamman Saturday and Sunday Oct 24th and 25th, 2015   -$200 -1006lb squat @ 24 years old, -9 American Senior National Championship -Holds Every American Record in his weight class in weightlifting including his total of 430 kg and his clean and jerk of 237.5 kg (523.59lbs) -2 time […]

  • “Pumped and Pale” Tank

    Broder Brothers


  • SG Meet and Meat 2015


    So we never officially had a GRAND opening at our new facility we moved into last winter. We have a ton of people who still don’t even know the others exist, 5:30 am people who don’t know the 6:30 PM people, Not to mention the extended Strength Guild family that includes friends, and clients as […]

  • Lifters Corner #62

    Here we are again after a short break. Jerell and Phil fill the seats while Jude was out getting equipment for his facility. We talk training, the biggest gainer, weightlifting , a listeners question and more.  

  • One Gimps Journey #16


    Sorry about the length between updates. Life has been crazy with the baby and running two businesses.   First and foremost baby and mom are doing great. He gained a 1/2 lb in a week so hes doing well on his bulking phase. My training has consisted of pressing and rowing 3 days a week […]

  • One Gimps Journey #15

    I am still training. Hip has been pretty sore the last few days muscularly but its still getting better, Still putting in my time on the airdyne and I’m walking like a human, which is still weird to me.   Basically every day is bro lift day press, rows bis and tris, shoulder back. I […]

  • Lifters Corner #61

    LCpodcast pic

    Here we are on Lifters Corner #61, Phil is back from going bionic. We talk about that as well as much much more.  

  • One Gimps Journey #14


    Sorry about the delay things have been crazy. I havent been doing anything to exciting I have upped my airdyne time to 15 minutes I do that 4 days a week and a short 5 minutes 2 days a week. Its feeling great getting easier every time. Next stop tour de france Body weight is […]

  • One Gimps Journey #13


    Things are going well. Had some groin cramping last night which hindered sleep and have had massive swelling in my foot from being on feet so long so I have to stop and elevate it. I am already walking OKish without walker but use it most times to walk correct. Working on some fun seminars […]

  • One Gimps Journey #12


    Long story short. I got my hip replacement last Tuesday. It took a little longer than the surgeon expected as I had more muscle than they figure. They had to stretch out and work around to get the femur cut and new head on. I has up and walking the next day and earned my […]

  • Lifters Corner #60

    LCpodcast pic

    This week we talk about stuff and things about stuff and lifting. Ben Moore putting up Big lifts, and more.

Physical Culture 2.0 with your hosts. Jude Howe, Phil Stevens, and Ken O’neill. Episode #11:  Jude hits the road doing seminars, going mindless in training, doctors and training kids…. Enjoy, Phil Stevens Click Here to Listen / Download

Posted by strengthguild

By K Meisel It’s no secret I’m passionate about powerlifting and yoga. My training, teaching and personal yoga practice are such deeply ingrained habits that while I do allow for some flexibility in my schedule for travel and other obligations, I couldn’t imagine living my life without these pursuits at this time. When it comes […]

Posted by strengthguild

BY: Phil Stevens (NOTE*** this is a reprint of an article that is a few years old and likely got me some of the most entertaining responses. The underlying message  itself is what you need to take away not the true nuts and bolts, though it does work) We’re in the largest push ever to […]

Posted by strengthguild

Physical Culture 2.0 with your hosts. Jude Howe, Phil Stevens, and Ken O’neill. Episode #10:  Again  the hosts talk shop as your a fly on the wall about, Strength Guild Games. Training as FUN, sports as fun, gluten certifications, and more Enjoy, Phil Stevens Click Here to Listen / Download

Posted by strengthguild

This is something I have contemplated for a long while. The time for thinking is over. Its time we just pull the trigger and get one in and grow from there. The basic premise of the games is very simple. It will be a two day team competition, 5 events per day with events complied […]

Posted by strengthguild

Post Workout Recovery Techniques: Water Therapy Figure 1. Want to “shock” the system a little bit? Try a little cold plunge work! Image Source(13) As all you hard core athletes at Strength Guild already know, gains in strength and performance are dictated by not only how hard you work DURING the training session but also, how […]

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Physical Culture 2.0 with your hosts. Jude Howe, Phil Stevens, and Ken O’neill. Episode #8:  Again  the hosts talk shop as your a fly on the wall about, training, Dan Green, Spoto, Health, Wall-e, movement and more. Enjoy, Phil Stevens Click Here to Listen / Download

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By: Lonnie Lowery, PhD, RD Are you an experienced lifter who has learned to focus on proteins and keep a serious eye on carbs? Some of you (like me) may be re-feeding after a very high protein, low carb contest phase and some may simply be under-estimating how adapted to a specific diet the body […]

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Physical Culture 2.0 with your hosts. Jude Howe, Phil Stevens, and Ken O’neill. Episode #8:  Again  the hosts talk shop as your a fly on the wall about the Austin PC 2.0 work shop, Poutine, Canada Seminar, Crossfit as a fad and as a sport, Coaching, rep ranges and what works  and more.. Enjoy, Phil […]

Posted by strengthguild

Even more than that, let them fall down and scrape a knee. For the sake of all, let them FAIL, let them know what losing is. Not everyone of them deserves a medal for showing up. Let them find the personal satisfaction in really EARNING something. With that as well let them feel the pain of losing and […]

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