strengthguild On July - 6 - 2015

Sorry about the length between updates. Life has been crazy with the baby and running two businesses.


First and foremost baby and mom are doing great. He gained a 1/2 lb in a week so hes doing well on his bulking phase.


My training has consisted of pressing and rowing 3 days a week one heavy , one medium one light, volume ADJUSTED ACCORDINGLY. Then 15 minutes of airdyne and usually some kind of back extensions. Round back really no hip flexion involved.


Today I got to BIG PR”s first I put my own sock on this AM, that was huge, then I went in and comfortably squatted my own ass to parallel for 30 reps. I will start pushing a sled this week.


body weight is staying between 245 and 250 without trying. I’m felling good and itching to squat and do some throwing etc.

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