strengthguild On June - 19 - 2015

I am still training. Hip has been pretty sore the last few days muscularly but its still getting better, Still putting in my time on the airdyne and I’m walking like a human, which is still weird to me.


Basically every day is bro lift day press, rows bis and tris, shoulder back.

I mam alternating it staring next week heavy, medium, light

I also hit a PR today did some leg curls with 25 lbs lol

been staying on my feet and walking as much as possible. with sort 15 min breaks away when pain comes


added in lots of back extensions


Sleep has been hit and miss but may have figured that out today, Elevating leg seemed to take the pain away from my ass at the incision point. Ill know more after tonight


Ordered two new prowlers for the gym. that will be my newt step start pushing a weighted sled. im still a few weeks off. have to let all the traumatized tissue heal. Still swollen and looks like my ass was hit by a toyota on the freeway


Onward and upward.


today was 185 x 50 reps bench (felt good to feel a pump)

bunch of light pull downs 20plus rep sets

light high reps curls

light high rep tri extensions

15 min airdyne, all my fat was crying and thats about it

Some energy is starting to come back

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