strengthguild On June - 15 - 2015

Sorry about the delay things have been crazy. I havent been doing anything to exciting I have upped my airdyne time to 15 minutes I do that 4 days a week and a short 5 minutes 2 days a week. Its feeling great getting easier every time. Next stop tour de france

Body weight is at the lowest its been in years, down to 250.3, If im not careful Ill have abs soon. Who does that?

been getting some benching and dips and chins etc in, all that feels good going light, Ill up it a bit this week

Had my first follow up with Surgeon today and he was amazed at my recovery, Said iut looks great and whatever I am doing keep it up.

I got to see am xray of my new hardware pretty sweet. He confirmed they did a LOT of jacking my muscles up in there as there was so much and they really held hip in place thats why i am so sore, just muscle damage but he was happy with my lack of swelling after two weeks.

I am starting to be able to walk down stairs correct and just a few inches away from putting my won sock on


Next goal is walk right and be able to take on stairs.


Little baby Odin is due in 10 days!!!


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