strengthguild On June - 8 - 2015

Long story short. I got my hip replacement last Tuesday. It took a little longer than the surgeon expected as I had more muscle than they figure. They had to stretch out and work around to get the femur cut and new head on.

I has up and walking the next day and earned my blue star to be mobile on my own, I was elated if my pain was a 7 before I went in it was a 2 after surgery. My foot also faces the way it should. I am limited in training for a bit then next 8 weeks is just tightening the muscle all back up so the hip doesn’t pop out. That and allowing it to recover.

I am swollen from my toes to mi upper glutes. I am to walk as much as possible with my walker. I can walk without but I walk funny and that’s mainly do to fear of the hop popping out. I am cleared to ride an exercise bike so I started that saturday with just a 5 minute test ride, It felt good once I got looser.


Monday 4:30 am (im tired they said I would be for a month due to blood loss)

Bench 265 x 3 x 5 sets, hardest part was just getting down to the bench

Light cable rows x 100

triceps push downs x few sets

curls x 100 per arm and few lat raises

10 minutes on airdyne. (everything was super tight but after about 2 minutes loosened up) *** cardio is boring as shit


I plan on just doing full body stuff, a press I row, and some biking etc for a while


thats it, here is what things look like now. some blisters from the tape that was glued on me.





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