strengthguild On July - 1 - 2016

At Strength Guild we teamed with Caffiend Coffee and made coffee bad ass. This shit tastes just like freedom, and then makes you want to kick ass. Merican as fuck. Bigger, Stronger, Faster.


mERICABLENDLABEL copyI wanted a Coffee as bad as as we are. Something that would kick you in the mouth, and in the ass at the same time. Months in the making, I teamed up with an old friend I went to elementary school with. We hadn’t seen one another in years. As I went on to travel the world and learn coaching, he worked at becoming a master roaster. His accolades include, -Roaster of the Universe in 2009, -Highest review on Coffee Review- EVER, -Roasted over 20 of the top 100 rated coffees on Coffee Review.

We worked to create something special, Strength Guild Merica Blend Coffee. I told him I want something high caffeine (not fake high caffeine where you have to use 2-3times the coffee) real high caffeine. Like the beans themselves are higher. As well not taste like ass. I wanted a taste that punched you in the nuts taste wise, and the caffeine to back it up. That’s what we have with the beans he sourced and the blend he created. Regular Coffee is roughly 1.2% caffeine. This is roughly 3%. Something that will have you yelling, Merica Fuck Yeah

 $20 roasted fresh weekly

Coffee is roasted fresh weekly.



Jeff Cronheim
I really enjoy the coffee, Phil. It was medium-bodied with and low acidity and no extra bitterness, three things I never experienced in a high-caffeine coffee before. The caffeine is evident immediately, but no jitters yet, and I don’t foresee any. Looking forward to my next cup when I get up at 4 AM for my early shift.”

Kenneth Weldon Dombruski
This shit was great! Definitely not what I had expected from a coffee touted to have so much caffeine. It has a calm, smooth taste that lingers. A bold nutty taste, the flavor is incredible! I drink my coffee black and buy a different brand each time. After a while they all start to taste the same. This one outshines them all. The extra caffeine is just a perk!! After just two cups I was wired for hours. Great coffee all around, the freedom was invigorating! I ordered a presale bag and am looking forward to tasting it again.

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