Phil Stevens

Phil Stevens is an accomplished strength athlete and strength coach. Athletically he has considerable experience in Powerlifting, strongman competition, and highland games. Phil is the 2007 APA World Champion in the 242-pound class (total). He has held the APF 275-pound class raw National bench, squat, deadlift, and total records. Phil is now working his way to a 804+lbs raw beltless deadlift in the 275 weight class he just narrowly missed at lockout in Pleasanton Ca. He has been ranked in the “Top 10” in the deadlift across all national powerlifting federations. In addition, Phil has in a few short months moved to the A class in highland games with the goal of going Pro. He has accomplished all this despite being crushed as a child having his pelvic structure shattered in 16 pieces, his femoral artery severed and replaced, being told he would never walk again, and having no cartilage remaining in his left hip.
Phil has also been an insider in the industry for over a decade. He has worked as a strength coach, on large scale forums, and for supplement companies as a strength coach and consultant, and rubbing elbows with the best coaches in the world. Phil has been employed by equipment manufacturers as a consultant on how to better produce their lines of equipment. Has vast experience coaching in person and distance with men and women in all walks of life from athlete to beginner. Has taken a number of athletes from the couch, or simple recreational lifter and brought them to national and world record holders in strength sports. Phil is known as the guy who has been there done that, from facing life halting injury to recreating himself from obese in his early 20?s to an 165lb runner, to a national record holding athlete – if you’re there, it’s likely he can relate.
Professional Commitments: In addition to his coaching duties, He also is the co-founder of Strength Guild. He serves as the as the President and Kansas State Chair of the USSF, Unified Strength Sports Federation. He is the founder of Lift For Hope, an annual strength competition with proceeds donated to charity. He is the co-creator and host of Iron Radio with Dr. Lonnie Lowery and Rob Fortney. The number one rated fitness and nutrition podcast available for free via the website ( or on Itunes. He also runs his own printing and marketing business which he uses to help fitness professionals and gyms as well as federal and state governments including the armed forces (business cards, business forms, books, CD’s to t-shirts with everything in between) that can be found at
Other Noteables Bullet Points:
Have coached athletes to National and world titles in powerlifting in numerous age groups from teen to master. Also worked 5 years training fitness competitors and physique athletes as well as everything from endurance competitors to strength athletes reach their goals
Owns and operates Strength Guild the facility as well as online entity and its power, Olympic lifting and highland games teams.
Starting Strength Certified by close friend Mark Rippetoe, Attended and lent a hand at Marks first Starting Strength Cert in San Diego.

Attended and helped teach the deadlift portion of the Crossfit powerlifting cert at Crossfit Pleasanton with close friend Mark Bell and Jesse Burdick.

Phil has coached numerous Olympic lifting certifications at crossfits across the USA from Crossfit Arizona (John Crow) to Crossfit Montana (Chris and Lisa Lupo), Crossfit New Mexico, close friends at Hercules Crossfit, to Diablo Crossfit where Phil met his wife and fellow coach and owner of Strength Guild Sarah.
With his marketing, promotion and print business Phil creates the products and shipments for heavy hitters in the fitness industry such as close friend Jim Wendler and his 531 line. Mark Bell and his super training team as well as many crossfits across the country.
Phil has been a speaker in numerous seminars with PT’s gaining CEU’s from NSCA, ISSN, ACE and more.

Troy Paradiso

Troy Paradiso has been a patron of the iron since his youth where he spent many evenings lifting with his Dad in their basement gym. Over the last three years, he has trained with and learned from two of the greats in the industry, Phil Stevens and Charles Staley.

As a nationally ranked power lifter and more recently a nationally ranked Masters Olympic Weightlifter, Troy continues to strive towards excellence in his strength pursuits.

Troy lives in Southern Colorado where he trains and coaches athletes and those aspiring to athletic performance and health in their everyday lives. Troy is co-founder of Strength Guild and is also pursuing certification as a licensed message therapist.

You can read articles by Troy and follow his training log on the Strength Guild Blog or Forum @ and


Jay Bell

Working in the S&C community for the past few years, Jay learns more about human function, dysfunction and how to help those issues that a lot of us face in day to day life. As a license massage therapist and working alongside strength athletes, he has seen and worked with issues that cause pain, as well as getting to the core root of why these problems exist.

Sean Casey

Sean graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with degrees in both Nutritional Science-Dietetics and Kinesiology-Exercise Physiology; earning highest academic honors in the process. During that time period, he developed a true passion for human performance and how it can be maximized via exercise and nutritional interventions.

During college, Sean was an intern strength coach with the UW-Badgers Strength and Conditioning Department. Sean also spent time at the International Performance Institute in Bradenton, FL where he assisted with the USA U-18 National Men’s Soccer team. More recently, Sean was a performance specialist at Athletes’ Performance where he trained multiple NFL 1st round draft picks, All-Pro NFL athletes & Major League Soccer (MLS) athletes.

Sean is also active in the field of sports nutrition where he has consulted with a wide variety of organizations including both elite (NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars) and amateur athletic teams.

Jude Howe

Jude is a life long athlete and recreational weight lifter, Jude decided in 2005, to turn his hobby into a career. So in January of that same year, he began his professional training education under the tutelage of John Black of Blacks Health World and exercise physiologist Barry Herman. Those of you who know John, will remember him from his days as a world class power lifter alongside greats like, Fred Hatfield and Louie Simmons.

Later That year Jude met good friend and mentor David Morgan, who introduced him to Russian Kettlebell Lifting. He also shared with him volumes of literature from the minds of Mel Siff, Yuri Verkhoshansky, Mike Boyle, Dave Tate, and many others.

Jude has earned certifications with The International Sports Sciences, The Cleveland Institute of Exercise, The International Kettlebell Fitness Federation, Kettlebell Concepts and The American Red Cross/CPR

Jude now lives in Austin, Texas and owns The Austin Underground Strength Academy, where he coaches and trains people from all walks of life, such as competitive martial artists, high school athletes and those just new to strength training. Jude also has just been selected by Kettlebell Concepts, as their sole representative in the state of Texas to carry out certifications, in their name.

Sarah Stevens


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