strengthguild On November - 6 - 2015

OK ladies and gents. Here it is what we talked about. We are going to be launching our new service that includes full diet advice, as well as training on your Journey to get Jacked. To lead this off I want to take on two lucky people (one man one woman) that will get our full attention for 3 months free to get your ass lean and strong.

1. They will get custom training programming from me (Phil Stevens) for three months.
2. A customized diet plan to help them shed bodyfat.


We are looking for two people this time who’s main goal is get lean. We ask for 3 months full commitment. If you arent willing to do the training and diet then DO  NOT APPLY. the eating and training isn’t going to be all fun. It wont be all triceps kick backs, cookies and candy. It’ll be hard training and maybe for some even harder eating. If you’re not willing to stick to a strict training and strict diet for 12 weeks do not apply.


Please fill out the forms below and send them to me: phil at

in a few weeks we will pick the two lucky people

SGFitness And Lifestyle Evaluation Form

 SGNutrition Questioneer


You wont be doing this

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