strengthguild On April - 15 - 2013

A dear friend and gym family member of ours has fallen on tough times. Kacy’s son Cody has suddenly been diagnosed just days ago with Leukemia and was transferred to Kansas City to aggressively fight it.

Kacy and Cody are as stand up as they get, and she is a corner stone of our gym family. It’s also a frightful reminder of just how fast things can go from great to heart ache.

It’s time we at strength guild step up and lend a hand to one of our family.

I am starting production this morning with my company Marketing Promotions Inc and we are producing “CURE FOR CODY” Bracelets, they are being produced in the Leukemia Awareness color. They should be complete and ready to go out in a week. They will look just like the ones below just different Text.

This will help with meals, traveling expenses and the mounting cost of hospitals bills and everything else.

Kacy has so much going on she shouldn’t have to fret over mounting costs / bills

Lets all stand up and do our part to help them fight.

We are asking for at least a $5 donation. You can also donate $10 or $20. I ask if I am going to ship these especially abroad please chose a $10 or $20 option. All the money raised, 100% will go to Kacy and Cody

Thank you,

Phil and Sarah Stevens


Purchase your Bracelet Below

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