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Post Workout Recovery Techniques: Water Therapy Figure 1. Want to “shock” the system a little bit? Try a little cold plunge work! Image Source(13) As all you hard core athletes at Strength Guild already know, gains in strength and performance are dictated by not only how hard you work DURING the training session but also, how […]

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By Sean Casey   Figure 1. A quick dunk in the pool doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea after an intense workout.[13] Introduction As any strength athlete could tell you, there is a fine line between allowing enough time for the human body to recover from an intense workout and getting in enough […]

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by Troy Paradiso I recently posted on the Strength Guild FB page the following: “If you’re serious about performing your best in the gym, on the competition platform, or field, you should be working on improving joint (ROM) and soft tissue health DAILY!!” Once you get “rolling” with a system that works for you, i.e., […]

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By: Jay Bell I often hear from clients that they are aware of what’s going on in their bodies.  Sadly, the truth of the matter is that most people rarely understand underlying conditions that may evolve into soft tissue injuries and dysfunctions. Let me delve into some personal, physical background on health issues and dysfunctions.  […]

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