strengthguild On August - 25 - 2015

I was looking at this ebook that we used to raise money and awareness 5 years ago for strength athlete’s. I wanted to go ahead and pass it out there now for all to read. Here is a free copy please send it around and if it helps you please comment or maybe support come of the athlete that represent this country in strength based sports. Inside you will find articles by: Lon Kilgore, Loree Smith, Dr. John Mike, Nate Green, Bill Nelson, Mike Tuchscherer, Mike Westerdal, Bryan Kavanagh, Mario Mavrides, Dr Mike T. Nelson, Leigh Peele, Jeff Anderson, Jason Rhymer, Mark Rippetoe, Nick Nilsson, Rachel Cosgrove, Chase Karnes, Adriane Blewitt, Sarah Robles, Sean Casey, Myself and more.

NONE OF THE LINKS IN THE BOOK ARE ACTIVE NOW. Please do not try and donate to them.


Download here free for one month ending 9/24/15

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